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Our Database atDNA 10.1

Cherokee Admixed (n=62)

Cherokee Admixed (n=92)

Cherokee Enrolled (n=33)

These two forensic populations were created in house from a combination of participants in our Cherokee DNA Studies and a random sample of customers who indicated to us that they had Cherokee ancestry


Our database
atDNA 10.1

How It Works

Once you order, you are mailed a sample collection kit with swabs. Follow directions. Return to lab in prepaid envelope. Your results are sent to you by email within three weeks.

If you receive a positive matchyour report will include a

Special Cherokee Match Certificate

If you do not receive a high Cherokee match your report will include a Deluxe Native American Certificate listing your other Native American matches, depending on your results.

Your personal DNA profile

It is compared with our data for 50 American Indian populations from eight countries in North and South America.


American Indian Populations

And other possible matches include Apache, Navajo and Salishan.


Countries in America

North and South America are covered.

Test to see if you have any Cherokee ancestry