Native American DNA

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Confirm your Native American markers

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Now you can examine all your ancestral lines, native and non-native

Including European, to find out what countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from. How can you do it? With the native version of our exclusive and successful DNA Fingerprint Test.

Native American tribes and population matches, markers and the metapopulation frequency index can tell you which Indian tribes you have the most affinity with, what Native American

and how many of them, how common or rare is your DNA profile in American Indians.

The test and the ethnic panel also detail any

European, Middle Eastern, African or Asian ancestry. You will also receive your top matches from different European countries or parts of countries.

How it works


Once you order, you are mailed a sample collection kit with


Return to lab in prepaid envelope


Your results are sent to you by email within three weeks

Delivery time? Approximately three weeks

We will analyze your sample against 16 standard STR

Markers, also called CODIS markers. Your values for 15 of these genetic systems are compared with database known as atDNA 8.0 developed by our population experts.

If you receive a positive matchyour report will include a

Special Native American Match Certificate

Your report will include a Deluxe Native American Certificate depending on your results.

Special Native American Match

Our database contains over 20 North American indigenous populations explicitly defined as Native American, some labeled with tribal names, some not, plus Melungeon, Hispanic and other related populations.

The populations U.S. Cherokee Admixed (n=62) and (n=92) were added in 2014 and 2017 respectively and are not available in any other place.

You can receive your complete report with map and certificate

by email, in a PDF file, or you can choose to buy a high quality color print that we will send you by mail.

Your report will tell you if you have a mark of a Native American that you received from one of your parents, or both, and will also tell you if you do not have it. It is not possible to say which parent you received the marker from, you will have to decide that! Remember that the fact that the marker does not appear does not mean that you do not have that ancestry. Read here more about the autosomal markers.